Thursday, 6 October 2011

Colouring Page-Dussehra Festival

 I designed this colouring page for my son. Its about a religious festival celebrated all over India called Dussehra. Its a celebration of victory of good over evil. On this day huge effigies of Ravana are placed in vast open grounds with fireworks and crackers placed inside them. A person dressed as Rama shoots a flaming arrow at him. This is followed by a colorful fair.   
If you want to download this page and enjoy colouring in with your little ones then please click here 


  1. This is lovely, it's good that there are some things out there to help teach the kids about hindu festivals and their meaning. Keep up the good work. Also loved your illustration on Illustration Friday's Boundaries subject too :D

    1. Hey, Thanks for the lovely comment Dina :)